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A blog about being an entrepreneur in the 21st Century who shares his global adventures in fighting friction with a mix of social and personal lubrication.

  • Boy Butter melts all over Lesbian Rabbi in Tablet Magazine expose
    Check out my off the wall but sincere quote in the Boy Butter section of Tablet's hard hitting expose of the rifts within NYC's Gay Jewish Synagogue over the wacky political stance of it's leader Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum. Guess which one I am in the title of this article btw?

    A Zionist Porn Star, a Lube Merchant, and a Lesbian Rabbi Walk Into a Gay Synagogue…

    Several present and former congregants who have raised concerns about Kleinbaum’s activism with her describe the typical response: polite acknowledgement of a difference of opinions, followed by no change in either the tenor or frequency of her public activity. Eyal Feldman, an Israeli-American and founder of Boy Butter lubricant, began attending High Holy Day and the occasional Friday night services at CBST soon after he moved to New York in 2000 primarily as a social activity. He “always felt a little bit uncomfortable with her politics,” but was willing to stick it out because he had made so many friends. Feldman—whose blog “shares his global adventures in fighting friction with a mix of social and personal lubrication”—however, “stopped going three years ago because of the very same reasons Bryan left the board. I found her to be political and not at all balanced. … I couldn’t sit there and listen to that because if my eyes rolled anymore they would have popped out of my head.”
    ***  To read whole Tablet article by James Kirchick Click HERE

  • WATCH: Gay porn magnate, Michael Lucas, backs Israel in interview
        Michael Lucas, arguably world's most famous gay adult movie director, is also Israeli and a prominent LGBT rights activist. He came to Israel to show his support amid ongoing fighting with Gaza. Watch full interview and click here for original post   

  • Boy Butter unveils beautiful new catalog for 2014
    To purchase any of these Boy Butter Lubricant products visit the official Boy Butter Lubricants Store:

  • Boy Butter posters turning up in Chelsea hood of New York City.
    Boy Butter posters are showing on key intersections and entranceways of adult stores on 8th Avenue of the famous Chelsea gayborhood of New York City. 
    Poster on corner of 23rd and 8th
    Poster on corner of 22nd Street and 8th Ave
    Boy Butter poster near Rainbow Station store of NYC

  • Men's Health highlights Boy Butter as one of the perfect lubes for your penis
    The best lube for: Masturbation
    If it’s truly a solo session and you don’t have to worry about eroding condoms or chemical allergies, you can get adventurous: Levine recommends Boy Butter, which isn’t completely chemical-free but is made from coconut oil and an organic silicone. Not only does it feel like you’re rubbing with, well, butter, but this lube will last for a long time and wash off skin and fabric easily with water (from $12, Or get creative: Soap in the shower and good ol' lotion can be just as helpful—and easier to get your hands on—as the store-bought stuff. 

  • Boy Butter sponsors new gay NYC themed series.
         Boy Butter Lubricants is sponsoring new gay themed NYC series called People you Know. Check out launch party photos with Pandora Box, Baltimore Russell, Michael Chase DiMartino & John Dylan DeLaTorre at Industry Bar in Hell's Kitchen, just in time for gay pride week. Check out the Boy Butter logo in the background and people were given out samples to take home at the event. Sounds fun, can't wait for the Boy Buttery product placement videos.
    Baltimore Russell, Pandora Boxx & John Dylan DeLaTorre
    Baltimore Russell, Mister Chase & John Dylan DeLaTorre

  • Boy Buttering up the Gayborhoods of LA, WeHo and Silverlake
    Guerilla marketing always helps with fun posters during Pride month. Here are some famous gay locations in Los Angeles where my Boy Butter poster is gracing some thoroughfares.

    Photos of Posters
    Sunset Junction
    Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood
    Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood
    Circus of Books entrance in Weho
    Near the Abbey in Weho

  • Neil Patrick Harris's awesome Tony performance of Hedwig And The Angry Inch

    Introduced by RuPaul and alongside Tony winners Lena Hall and Neil Patrick Harris performed "Sugar Daddy" from the musical revival during Sunday's awards show, complete with a car wash for Orlando Bloom and a kiss for David Burtka.

  • Boy Butter will help you get the perfect tan this Summer.
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  • For the Ho on the Go: Boy Butter Minis
          If you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend who travels a lot, or maybe for yourself, you should try my new Boy Butter Minis, in Original 2oz Pump (coconut-oil based) and Boy Butter H20 aka. You'll Never Know it isn't Boy Butter 2oz Pump (water-based) formulas. Both dreamy creamy wonderful lubricant formulas are non-toxic, made from Organic ingredients, lasts almost as long as silicone personal lubricants but they are completely non-staining, washing off super easy with water alone, from you, the boys, the girls, the sheets, the toys, the walls, the floors, with just a little water. 

    Minis are 100% Washable, 100% Made in the USA, TSA approved, and the perfect for the ho on the go, cause you never know!

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